Puslinch council approves tenders for asphalt and road resurfacing programs

PUSLINCH – On May 5, Puslinch council unanimously approved township’s staff’s recommendation to award contracts to Cox Construction Ltd. and Capital Paving Inc. for the township’s asphalt program and Concession 7 road resurfacing program, respectively.

The tender for the 2021 asphalt program was awarded to Cox Construction at their tendered amount of $855,209 (inclusive of the non-refundable portion of HST), while the tender for Concession road 7 resurfacing was awarded to Capital Paving at their tendered amount of $393,902 (inclusive of the non-refundable portion of HST).

Since the total combined tender amounts were over $500,000, council’s authorization was required.

According to the report from township staff, the low bid by Cox Construction Limited for the Asphalt Program of $840,414.42 (plus HST) was approximately nine per cent lower than the second lowest bid.

Staff recommended the contract for the Concession 7 Road Resurfacing be awarded to Capital Paving Inc.  This company’s low bid of $387,087.87 (plus HST) was approximately five per cent lower than the second lowest bid, according to the report.

Given the location of the road resurfacing projects, staff agreed with GM BluePlan’s recommendation that in order to obtain competitive pricing, the Township should separate the works into two tenders based on the proximity to the asphalt plants since proximity drives price. 

According to Mike Fowler, director of public works, parks and facilities for the Township of Puslinch, both projects were within close proximity to asphalt plants so the township’s haulage per tonne was very competitive.  Fowler was pleased with this outcome.

“We received very competitive bids from five contractors this year,” Fowler told members of council.

“We benefited from the fact that a lot of our projects identified for this year were in close proximity of one or two contractor’s asphalt plants, so it turn, we received very generous quantity amounts, as far as per tonne. So, just like last year, we’re paving quite a few kilometres of road for a very competitive price.”

Mayor James Seeley also expressed satisfaction.

“This just shows what quality of contractors we have operating in Puslinch, and they’re treating us well, so we’re truly appreciative of that,” he said.