Puppetry seminar at Fergus public library

FERGUS – A seminar called Puppetry: Wearing Many Hats, held on March 24 at the Fergus public library, featured Puppets Elora chaired by Annerose Schmidt and her hand-made puppets. Schmidt is considered a master of puppet-making, and the talk centred on the process of moving from conceptual drawings, to writing the script, to the finished product ready for showtime. Schmidt’s flying pig puppet is used in many parades, and her large cow puppet can be seen at the Elora Market on Saturday mornings. Schmidt and husband Johnathan Schmidt engaged in a demonstration of a small play. Johnathon is holding Willie Weagil and Annerose has Wilma Woosil-Weazil.

Photo by Bill Longshaw

Annerose Schmidt takes her pupper Wilma Woosil-Weazil to the hat store.