Province supports Ontario fertilizer solutions

SEAFORTH – The Ontario government is investing up to $2 million over two years in the Fertilizer Accelerating Solutions and Technology Challenge. Funding will support made-in-Ontario solutions to increase the availability of fertilizer options, alternatives and technology.

Following consultations with farmers and the agri-food sector, Ontario is launching the challenge to address ongoing supply chain challenges for fertilizer, while promoting innovation in the province’s agri-food sector, stated a Sept. 23 press release. The challenge is a competitive opportunity for agri-businesses and organizations focusing on project investment, such as biofertilizers, which can help reduce dependency on imported products.

“We have heard from farmers that action must be taken to increase the domestic supply of fertilizer options. Our government has listened and is introducing an initiative that will generate made-in Ontario alternatives to help farmers secure the inputs they need to succeed, and to support innovative, technology-based solutions to grow the agri-food sector,” provincial agriculture minister Lisa Thompson stated in the release. 

“Ensuring that farmers have the tools and products they need to grow good food is vital to the sustainability of Ontario’s food security and keeping the province as a world leader in food production.”