Professional horseman releases his first novel

ALTON – Following a successful 30-year career as a horse trainer and another 10 years as an artist, Mark Grice recently released his first novel Paint The Horse Blue.

Grice combines his interest in horses and art to create a fictional story spanning over 100 years and into 10 states and one Canadian province.

“If you like horses, horse shows, horse auctions and rural small town life, you’re going to love this book,” said Grice. “But there is enough mystery, crime, history and relationship issues to entertain the non-horse person too.”

Grice brings an authenticity to the equine world which is evidence of his lifetime of experience in most aspects of the industry including hunters and jumpers, quarter horses and rodeo.

Paint The Horse Blue follows the fictitious horse trainer Kella Major on her journey to get her life together and save her farm after tragic circumstances alter her life and finances.

Readers will also enjoy the bonus of some excellent cowboy poetry included in the story.

Published by Archway Publishing and now available in three formats on Amazon Books worldwide, adult book lovers should check out this easy and enjoyable read, officials state in a press release.