PPC replaces Perth-Wellington candidate

PERTH-WELLINGTON – The People’s Party of Canada has once again replaced its candidate for this riding in the Oct. 21 federal election.

Roger Fuhr of St. Paul will now represent the fledgling party, taking over for Rory A. Tekanoff.

In an email to the Advertiser, Fuhr said Tekanoff resigned due to health reasons.

Tekanoff had assumed the party’s nomination from initial nominee Ken Metzger, who withdrew.

In the upcoming election, Fuhr, who ran as an independent candidate in the 2015 federal election, will face: Geoff Krauter of the NDP, Pirie Mitchell of the Liberal Party, incumbent Conservative John Nater, Collan Simmons of the Green Party and Irma Devries of the Christian Heritage Party.

For voting information go to elections.ca/home.aspx.

There are 3 comments.

  1. Its unfortunate that Tekanoff had to step down, as he was the right guy for the PPC to acclimate from what I know of him. He is well known and his principles and dedication to helping Canadians would have brought a much needed breath of fresh air to the riding, and most likely would have given the incumbent a good run, both principally and intellectually as the same old politics just isn’t making the grade for Canadians. I wish Mr. Fuhr good luck in carrying the baton from here on in.

  2. We know Roger Fuhr from past elections, and I am sure he’ll do fine, however I’m surprised to see the replacement PPC Candidate Rory Tekanoff drop out, I’d met him in London when he was with Maxime Bernier recently, and during some visits to Stratford. He seemed like he really listened to constituents. Like the previous commenter says, we need to change our politics in Perth Wellington. VOTE PPC.

    • chickenchokercharlie on

      Fuhr ran as an independent last federal election, I recall. We’ve moved off the PC train, John Nater didn’t get much done. The PPC has put in the right candidates, seems however that unforeseen circumstances for Metzger and Tekanoff resulted in Fuhr being the replacement. I know Ken Metzger from the area and met Rory Tekanoff at a rally, both guys are medical professionals and extremely personable and intelligent. I am not sure if either had been in politics before, which could have been an issue, however Roger Fuhr has previous political experience at the federal level, he is well known, a very nice guy, who grew up on a dairy farm in Perth Wellington, and is a great replacement, as we’re voting PPC anyway. We’re tired of the supply management BS up here. #PPC # max bernier #PPC2019 #Rogerfuhr #Kenmetzger #RoryTekanoff