Power outage adds to traffic flow disruption

Residents here dealt with a lengthy power interruption that began early  on May 29 when a hydro pole was struck by a vehicle in Harriston at Young and Elora Street.

Westario Power spent much of the day repairing the damage and the Town of Minto issued a press release around 4pm stating power had been restored.

Adding to the inconvenience was the fact traffic, already being detoured due to downtown construction, had to be further re-routed.

“The Town of Minto apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused but are working to reopen the road as soon as possible,” the town stated in a press release early on Friday.

The town also announced steps were taken to improve safety of traffic flow around the construction area by altering the detour routes. Mill Street is open only to local traffic and parking, while a truck route is now designated. Parking areas remain available around the downtown and access to businesses is offered. Visit http://harristondigginit.ca/businesses “and continue to support local business,” town officials urge.