Police offer safety tips ahead of students’ return to school

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Officials with the Wellington County OPP are reminding residents children will soon be returning to school and “it is all our responsibility to keep them safe.”

As with years past, it is a busy time for everyone settling back into the routine of school time, police state.

“So let’s make this upcoming school year a safe time for everyone.”

Police suggest parents talk with their children about being safe when going to and coming from school.

The following are a few reminders from the OPP:

– cyclists under the age of 18 are required by law to wear a properly fitted and fastened bike helmet. They must obey the same rules of the road that other vehicles do and always keep their eyes and ears open as sometimes other vehicles may not see them;

– pedestrians should stay on sidewalks – and where there are none, they should be walking on the left side of the road as far off onto the shoulder as possible facing traffic. Both pedestrians and cyclists should make use of the crossing guards who will be returning to their posts to help our children get safely across the streets; and

– drivers are reminded that the traffic volume will increase, and their commute time may be affected by bus routes. The registered owner of a vehicle can be charged if that vehicle is identified as one that fails to stop for a school bus when its overhead red signal lights are flashing.

“Wellington County OPP will be on patrol with all available units patrolling the roads with special attention being directed at school zones and bus stops,” police stated.

“Together we can all make a positive difference in keeping our roadways safe and collision-free by following the rules of the road and by taking extra care and caution around school zones.”