Plowing on

As more and more of our entertainment and social activity moves online and indoors, it’s great to see long-time rural traditions such as local fairs and plowing matches remain popular.

Such events bring area residents together and provide opportunities for the type of interaction and competition that builds familiarity and community.

The recent Drayton Fair drew good crowds and featured an amazing array of events as illustrated in photographs in the Community News both last issue and again this week.

On Aug. 15, the Wellington County Plowing Match was held in Mapleton and was, by all accounts a successful day, attracting plenty of competitors and spectators.

Wellington County Plowmen’s Association president Ron Faulkner was effusive in his praise for all involved.

“A great crowd which attended the plowing match were treated to great weather, amazing facilities courtesy of Neil and Barb Driscol, a delicious lunch served by Peg Schieck and the United Church Ladies, to high level skills in the field by competent plowers,” stated Faulkner in a press release issued following the match. “Many of these plowers have competed at the world class level including Wellington’s own Carmen Weppler. Plowmen from far and wide competed coming from place such as Orillia, Toronto, Cambridge and beyond, showing the skills it takes to be a world class competitor,” he added.

Organizers estimated the match drew about 100 people in addition to competitors and volunteers. They were treated to an ever-rarer display of certain skills, such as horse-powered plowing and the fun and camaraderie that flows from participation in such iconic rural traditions.