Rarely a fan of acronyms, this is one people need to know: PFD.

As spring heads into summer, thoughts turn to recreation. Very often that involves the beach or time at the cottage, which means water is close at hand.

Again this week and in the weeks preceding, the dreaded news of seasonal drownings began. Like most years we feel compelled to issue the reminder about water safety because accidents continue to happen.

Youngsters, teenagers, older students, adults and seniors – tragedies on the water befalls too many and seems to have little regard for age, ability or geography. Having personally survived such an episode as a youngster and witnessing a near-drowning, the issue of water safety is quite personal.

Hearing the results of a tragedy on Lake Conestogo this past weekend only adds to the sorrow, knowing a good local family has lost a loved one too.

PFDs (personal flotation devices) or life jackets are a safety item to always have at hand.

Encourage the use of PFD or life jackets whenever you can. Lives depend on it.

Way to go Minto

In response to an unsavoury Tik-Tok video targeting a Syrian family in Harriston, locals in Minto knew something needed to be done.

The Advertiser article on page 1 sheds light on the cowardly diatribe published on the internet. Its message and content, playing off the tragedy in London, was grievous enough to compel the mayor and warden to issue a statement disavowing sentiments not in keeping with the charming rural town. Known for being a welcoming community that cares about all its residents, it was time for some action.

The call to march can be uncomfortable for some people. Every day there seems to be a march about something or other, someplace other than here. But this was a little different – it was personal. Harriston is not a home to hate speech, nor those who wish ill-will to immigrant families.

Rural and small-town Ontario has a conscience and in this moment residents let it to be known racism and hate are not part of this town’s culture. Several hundred people delivered that message of peace en masse, and we commend that solidarity wholeheartedly.