Pettapiece, Shreiner paired on TVO’s Political Blind Date

PERTH-WELLINGTON – Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece says he used his appearance on an episode of TVO’s Political Blind Date to shine a spotlight on Ontario agriculture.

“Ontario farmers, and especially those here in Perth-Wellington, are true professionals,” Pettapiece stated in a press release from his office.

“That’s the message I wanted to convey to people across the province, and it’s why I jumped at the chance to appear on this program.”


Entitled The Food We Eat, the episode aired on Feb. 11 on TVO. As part of the network’s continuing series Political Blind Date, it featured Pettapiece and Green Party Leader and Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner.

Pettapiece, who also serves as parliamentary assistant to the Minster of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, felt the subject matter was well suited to the participants.

“We often have different perspectives, but we both want the province to be successful,” Pettapiece observed.

“I have always tried to work cooperatively with MPPs of other parties, and so it was good to get to know Mike a bit better.”

The episode focused on how farmers are transforming their operations with technical innovations. They also discussed what role government should play in supporting large and small scale farms.

Pettapiece brought Schreiner for a tour of Listowel-area egg producer Tonya Haverkamp’s farm. They also toured Maplevue Dairy Farms, owned by Dave and Doug Johnston.

“Farmers in Perth-Wellington are responsible people who treat their animals well. They are innovators, and they are already taking action on issues like climate change. I was pleased that Mike and TVO viewers could see this.”

Political Blind Date’s third season premiered on Jan. 21.

The first half of the season highlighted Toronto and area politicians. The second half of the season, beginning with Pettapiece’s episode, showcases politicians from elsewhere in the province.

The episode involving Pettapiece and Schreiner can be viewed at:

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