Ospringe youth experiences town hall in Erin ‘Mayor for a day’ contest

Sarfraz Sidhu has eyes set on career in municipal politics

ERIN – Oh, to be the mayor of Erin, if only for a day.

Sixteen-year-old Ospringe resident Sarfraz Sidhu was granted the opportunity to experience the preeminent town hall life on March 14 after being selected in Erin’s “Mayor for a day” contest.

Sidhu secured his seat in the council chamber – if not directly on, at least adjacent to the vaunted municipal throne: a swivelling office chair with nary a glint of gold or opulent velvet – for his pitch to improve diversity in town.

“Erin recently has been growing, and the diversity has been increasing, so I thought that we needed some more advocacy for minorities,” he told the Advertiser.

There’s a surprising amount of walking to do when you’re mayor: meeting the staff, touring the town, and keeping an eye on ongoing projects.

“I really got to see that side of Erin,” Sidhu said.

Influenced by family discussions about civic issues at home, Sidhu has his eyes set on a future in municipal politics, and perhaps one day getting to call a meeting to order from the mayor’s chair.