Open House opens doors to Better Hearing Month at Hear Right Canada in Elora

Join hear right canada in Elora on May 18th, 8:30am-4:30pm and May 19th, 8:30am-7:00pm

The stigma around hearing loss speaks volumes for those who struggle with it. Yet times are changing and so is the technology around hearing aids. As Karissa Schiestel, Hearing Instrument Specialist and co-owner of Hear Right Canada in Elora says, when it comes to finding solutions for her clients the first thing she wants people to know is, these aren’t your grandparent’s hearing aids. That’s why she believes no one should let hearing loss stop them from living their best life.

Signs you are experiencing hearing loss.

Hearing loss can happen to anyone at any time, any stage of life, and it treats both women and men equally. Whether it’s a fast onset of significant loss of hearing, or a ringing in one or both ears, or a gradual awareness that you’re missing out on conversations or sounds, there are some key indicators that you are experiencing hearing loss.

• You have difficulty understanding people’s speech.
• You use closed captioning on the television to interpret dialogue.
• You often ask people to repeat themselves.
• The pitch in the voices of women and children are particularly hard for you to hear
• Hearing people on the telephone, whether a mobile or a landline, is challenging
• You favour one ear when listening to someone speak
• Experiencing the sound of ringing in one or both ears
• Difficulty hearing in noisy situations, like amongst a crowd or even a smaller group of friends
• A feeling of isolation and irritability because you’re struggling to hear in social situations
• Family and friends suspect you are living with hearing loss

While we may joke about people having “selective hearing” for those experiencing it, it’s not funny. Nobody would choose to live life on the sidelines. You don’t have to.

We hear you. And we’re here for you.

Taking the first step to find out if you’re experiencing hearing loss and to what extent may seem intimidating. It doesn’t have to be. You don’t need a doctor’s referral to get started. The Hear Right Canada team have created a relaxed atmosphere to ensure every client feels comfortable. It’s a safe space to have your symptoms assessed, your questions answered, and the full range of options made clear so you can make an informed decision.

Karissa and Jessica of Hear Right Canada Elora

Karissa ensures a personalized service because every client is unique. She believes no one should feel rushed or pushed into a decision of any kind. Her goal is to use her training and technology to assess her clients accurately so they can make an informed decision about their hearing health going forward.

With an initial one- hour appointment, Karissa performs a complete hearing evaluation. A simple check-up can determine if you’re in need of ear wax removal, a service that is quick, painless and free of charge. Then she performs a series of diagnostic tests from the comfort of a spacious hearing booth. The results are immediate. If hearing loss is detected, she’ll help determine your needs, understand your hearing aid options and answer any questions.

Sound Proof Booth with Audiometer – This machine tests your hearing and can provide accurate information with instant results. Moving forward, we use these results to evaluate your hearing healthcare needs.

Inside the sound booth we have the equipment to test your hearing. Included are headphones, in which we insert into your ears to begin the test, and determine the degree of your hearing loss. Also pictured is a bone oscillator, which determines the type of hearing loss.

If you decide to proceed with hearing aids, Karissa will assist in determining the right type of hearing aid to suit your hearing needs, but also your lifestyle. No two hearing aids are created the same these days. If you’d prefer custom hearing aids, she can create the earmold on site and handle the order.

Personalized service means respecting client’s budgets. Karissa has a great selection of hearing aids at different price points and openly shares costs up front, so people make informed decisions without judgement. This is a no-pressure zone. Building trust and quality service happens one client at a time.

Mobile care is available to you.

Hear Right Canada in Elora makes house calls. Karissa’s technology is fully portable, allowing her to bring the hearing test technology right to your home, for those with mobility issues. Karissa offers the same service, just direct to you.

For the convenience of seniors, Karissa makes frequent visits to retirement communities and long-term care facilities, bring her services direct to the clients who trust her skills.

Technology for the times.

Forget everything you thought you knew about hearing aids. The technological advancements are evolving fast and on trend not only for hearing support, but also for lifestyle functionality. From Bluetooth technology that connects your hearing aids to your mobile devices, with rechargeable features, to hearing aids that look and fit like earbuds, to a range of colourful options, including ‘invisible’ styles that blend in. Hearing aids are an accessory, designed to fit your life.

Real Ear Measurement/Verification Machine – This machine ensures that the hearing aids are properly amplifying speech based on your specific hearing loss.

The need for masks due to COVID-19 created many challenges for those who are hearing impaired, with inability to hear clearly, to read lips or to interpret facial expressions. To meet the needs of the hearing impaired, hearing aid manufacturers developed mask-friendly sound enhancements that helped the wearers hear a clearer sound, reducing background noise and ensuring masks didn’t muffle voices.

Showcasing the latest hearing aid technology from Bernafon.

Manufacturers compete to bring cutting-edge technology and design to the marketplace, and that gives Hear Right Canada the edge on other retailers. As an independent hearing care facility, Hear Right works with many manufacturers, which means they have access to a large inventory of hearing aid options at a range of price points. One stop shopping close to home.

Take your time.

Getting used to hearing aids takes time, so Karissa wants you to take your time with a 90-day risk-free trial to ensure the fit, comfort and function is working for you. That gives you plenty of time to get used to the technology and Karissa time to modify the product and fit it to your specifications – or find you an alternative device that works for your lifestyle.

Trust Karissa to get it right. Helping her clients regain their quality of life is always her goal.

Better Hearing Awareness Month – Open House at hear right canada in Elora

Please join hear right canada in celebrating “Better Hearing Awareness Month”. For 2 days only, they will have a manufacturer in clinic to demonstrate their newest hearing aid technology.

The dates are set for May 18th from 8:30am – 4:30pm and May 19th from 8:30am – 7:00pm. If you buy hearing aids during your visit you will be entered to win your hearing aid purchase for free! Get a hearing screening during your visit and be entered to win a free set of earplugs!

Call or email Karissa to guarantee your appointment. Spots are booking up quick!

Image of Karissa Schiestel

Karissa Schiestel, Hearing Instrument Specialist and Co-Owner of Hear Right Canada in Elora

Karissa Schiestel, Hearing Instrument Specialist and Co-Owner of Hear Right Canada in Elora