Ontario funds part of $12.6-million initiative by Golden Valley Farms

The pressure might be on, but in Arthur, Golden Valley Farms is turning pressure into a success story.

Golden Valley Farms Inc., is installing two new world class machines that use high pressure and cold water to pasteurize product right in the packaging.

To fund that, the province has provided $3.72-million for a $12.6 million project.

Perth-Wellington MPP John Wilkinson said, “This is a great day for Arthur . . . and it’s a great day for this Ontario success story [Golden Valley Farms].”

Wilkinson said “What we have in this country, in this province and particularly here in Arthur is a wonderful work ethic and a great belief in the value of education.”

The Advanced Manu­fac­turing Investment Strategy (AMIS) funding will be used to buy a new state-of-the-art piece of equipment, “which  I understand  is now going to be the largest in the world,” Wil­kinson said.

He added the money not only protects the 78 existing jobs, but will create 28 additional ones.

Paul Borg said, “We also believe that Golden Valley Farms is leading the Canadian meat industry in many, many ways.”

General manager Keith Hehn said “Golden Valley produces high quality products for all the major deli counters across the country.

“Over the past 21 years, Golden Valley has always been on the leading edge of technology. As a company, we believe that this installation now in this equipment is further evidence of our commitment to food safety.

“High pressure processing technology not only allows us to create safer products, but meet the ever increasing demand for healthier products – lower sodium and fewer additives.

It also allows us to preserve products to last longer, remain fresher, and allows us to ship further distances, Hehn said

Over the years, “we’ve been able to grow from nine employees to 111 today, which is three more than when we applied for the AMIS loan. We’ve already exceeded what we thought we could do with this technology.

Golden Valley Farms Inc. is jointly owned by Piller Saus­ages and Delicatessen Limited, and Parrish and Heimbecker Limited.