One of a kind

There are very few things in the world that every human since time began has in common. 

Everyone, regardless of social status or geographic spot on the globe, came into this world through the sacrifice of a woman – their mother.

While they’re appreciated each day of the year, this coming Sunday is the real deal – it’s Mother’s Day. Starting early morning and extending into the night, it is a day to celebrate and elevate the role of “moms” in our lives. A huge thank you is in order.

Over the decades we have known countless mothers. People we work with, friends, neighbours and relatives – moms come in all shapes and sizes, ages and circumstances. In time many become grandmothers and great-grandmothers. What never stops from our observation is that until their last breath, the role of caring and being a mom never ends.

From months carrying a baby, to a child latching for the first time, to a son close to retirement visiting for lunch, the keenness of moms to serve is incredible. It is a blessing.

Moms the world over play such an important role in their children’s lives. Many occupations come to mind when we think of mothers, working as they do and performing the extraordinary at home. Nursing a scraped knee, a last-minute seamstress, fixer of all things needing glued, a teacher overlooking homework, a master chef and baker of cakes, a nutritionist and planner of healthy meals, trusted counsellor when the day went poorly, sports agent and champion of a child’s best interest. Moms can and do so much. Show some appreciation Sunday.

Happy Mother’s Day – thanks for being one of a kind.

Little writers

Here’s a shout-out to aspiring writers from John Black Public School in Fergus and their teacher, who obviously understands the power of the written word.

This isn’t the first time we have been happy to include letters from students. Without a full breakdown of what the assignment entailed, it appears each student was tasked with writing about a topic that meant something to them. We notice some have chosen themes that reflect recent news coverage and others appear to have personal issues of interest.

Regardless, there is a lesson here for writers and readers. 

People in this community – neighbours, friends, relatives and those who might be friends one day – have been given a chance to hear your voice. Rather than a random post somewhere on the internet, students have now made direct contact with decision makers and given the general public a perspective on how young people view issues. 

The ability to think and the capacity to write will be skills students can leverage throughout their life. Congratulations on taking a big step to become active members of your local community.