OFA appreciates efforts to address ONCA concerns

GUELPH – The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) is expressing gratitude to the Minister of Government and Consumer Services Lisa Thompson and her staff for ensuring organizations like OFA “are not negatively impacted by unintentional consequences” when the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) is brought into effect.

Throughout its 10 years after being proclaimed in 2010, the OFA has been vocal in its concerns regarding its current democratic structure if the ONCA comes into force. OFA recognizes and appreciates the commitment from Thompson and her staff in verifying that the OFA will be able to maintain an inclusive democratic structure, the federation stated in an recent press release.

“OFA would like to express our sincere appreciation of the time and effort that has been taken to ensure organizations like OFA, are not negatively impacted when ONCA is brought into force,” said Keith Currie, OFA President.

Voting structure

The proclaimed Act brought many concerns to OFA regarding our current voting structure and regional representation. As an Ontario Corporation, OFA has bylaws respecting delegates as provided under section 130 of Ontario’s Corporation Act. This allows members the right to vote to elect delegates from their region.

OFA’s current democratic structure has served OFA members well by ensuring balanced regional representation across the province. The ONCA posed a potential risk of having to abandon the current democratic structure, leading to unbalanced regional representation.

“It is important for OFA to retain regional representation among all of its members. Our current election process ensures the representation is balanced across Ontario,” states Currie.

OFA believes that all members, even those living furthest away from OFA’s annual meeting location, should have equal opportunities to raise concerns and cast their votes, organization officials state.

Section 207(3) of the ONCA enables organizations, currently following Ontario’s Corporations Act, to be grandfathered with respect to delegates made under section 130 of the Ontario’s Corporations Act. Therefore, OFA’s current inclusive democratic structure of having regionally elected delegates attend OFA’s annual meeting can remain intact even after ONCA is brought in force.