Pat’s cancer advanced rapidly in her last week, taking her on April 20th, 2021 at Groves Hospital in her 70th year. She leaves her husband of 42 years, Peter Varty, sisters Anne Bromfield (Howard) and Heather Martin, nieces Jess Martin and Gillian Bromfield (Shane Green), nephews Tito Martin and Nick Bromfield (Rachel Stack), and grand-nieces and nephews, Tanner, Hillary, Kayden, Eli and Charlie. She was known as a woman of style and grace, intelligence, drive and strong will, a perfectionist, and the consummate host. Born in Mexico City, she moved all over South America until coming to Canada to learn French in high school. Mastering that in just six months she thus became trilingual. At University of Ottawa she was crowned “Frosh Princess” (hard to imagine these days) by John Turner. Of that she remembered his sparkling blue eyes as well as her empire waist, emerald green gown. Undecided about the future she took various summer jobs, including selling swampland in Florida before applying to be a flight attendant. That turned out to be a “career” of 16 years. On vacation in New Zealand, and still undecided about her future, she witnessed deer farming, and thought “I can do that”. Twelve months later after several intense university courses, city girl became farm girl. She managed the business for 17 years, was a founder of the deer farmers association and 3 time president. She worked with the University of Guelph on an experimental AI program for deer. Pat successfully lobbied the Ontario Government on behalf of the industry right up to the Premier. Her reputation grew and she was an invited speaker at conferences as far away as Australia. Retiring from farming Pat turned to gardening to satisfy her creative and artistic urges. She created a spectacular landscape which was featured in a few gardening magazines. She took interest in environmental causes, hosted a garden fund raiser for Elizabeth May, and worked behind the scenes on Mike Schreiner’s campaigns. She loved to travel, to explore, to learn, visiting 6 of the 7 continents – from underwater in Micronesia, to hiking at 15000’ in the Andes, to Europe and Asia. Nature, history, and culture were the main goals… rarely a beach. Pat always wondered what she was going to do when she grew up. Unknowingly perhaps, Pat found it: always finding a new challenge, learning and mastering it. Her beauty and grace and will were her hallmarks. To quote a close friend: “That woman! She pushed. She demanded. She argued. Not always to win… not everybody knows that. Not to win. To learn. And when she smiled. Oh …when she smiled” If you would like to remember Pat in some way, please consider: The Groves Memorial Community Hospital, a cancer charity, an environmental cause, or simply a good deed in your community. Online donations and condolences can be made at

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