North Wellington Youth Spotlight:

Youth knew eggs-actly what business would be right for him

North Wellington Youth Spotlight focuses on positive stories about young people in local communities. The features are provided by Erin Raftis, municipal youth intern for Minto, Mapleton, and Wellington North – #positivityFromYouthForYouth.

MINTO – Taryn Sinclair is a 12-year-old youth from Harriston who worked hard this past summer, starting his own chicken-farming business, with the help of the Saugeen Student Start-Up Program (SSUP).

Taryn explains he is in charge of the entire business process. He is the one who collects the eggs, and also sells and delivers them to his customers, around his neighborhood.

“I have a golf cart and I drive them from field to field.”

The youth said he knows his customers enjoy his visits, because whenever he knocks on the door “they’re like ‘oh, it’s my egg man!’”

This entrepreneur was inspired to start his own business, “to make money” and decided to capitalize on his love of animals. Prior to starting, Taryn already owned a “silkie bantam, which is a fluffy show chicken.”

Taryn shares that “his name is Salber and he is white and very fluffy and he’s very friendly.”

This business provided the youth with an income but also taught him many important lessons. He first notes that it has taught him “to know how to not waste money on foolish things,” and continues to elaborate that he feels more responsible because “you have to do things at the right time. You have to always feed them at the right time” in order to keep them healthy.

Taryn is currently considering purchasing more chickens. He has approximately 36 chickens now, and explains that “[his] chickens right now are really kind of new, so when they get old [he’s] going to get 40,” as you have to “renew your birds.”

Anyone interested in purchasing organic, free range, grass fed, eggs from Taryn and his chickens, should contact him at 519-504-6542 or through his instagram, @ts_eggs.