No foreseeable equine feed shortages: Erin store owner

ERIN – Horse owners should rest assured that COVID-19 isn’t causing feed shortages right now.

Alf Budweth of Budson’s Farm and Feed in Erin said he doesn’t foresee any shortages in the feed supply chain in relation to the pandemic. However, he says those managing equine diets will likely need to adjust feed based on the horse’s new exercise routine or lack thereof.

For example, if horses were exercised daily pre-pandemic and are fed the same amount of food now when they’re not being ridden, Budweth said it could be detrimental.

“If you fed the same amount of feed you’d hurt your horse and that’s why we say you’re better off to give them some good quality hay then give them their ‘Flintstones’ – so the stuff they do need to get through it,” he said.

By ‘Flintstones’ Budweth is referring to necessary vitamins and minerals horses can’t get through hay alone.

But he suggests purchasing good quality hay is the best option to cut feed costs and keep horses healthy.

“Giving them their ‘Flintstones’ is a great way to keep them nutritionally healthy and feeding their natural source of hay,” he said.

Budweth advises horse and barn owners that now is the time to secure quality hay for the upcoming season.