New small engine business to open in April

DRAYTON – As one door closes another one opens, they say.  

This rings true for Calvin Knarr, owner of Alva Cherrey’s Garage here.

After hearing that G&H Small Engines owner Harry Donkersgoed was retiring, Knarr said he “knew what was coming and what he had to do for the good of the community.”

Knarr states in a press release he decided that rather than see the business that G&H had brought to town for over 35 plus years go elsewhere, that he would now open his own small engine business.  

A.C.G. Small Engine Repair will carry such brands as Husqvarna, Stihl, Ahrens, Gravely, D.R. Power Equipment and Generac.

“It only makes sense.  People would start coming here anyways asking us to fix their lawn mowers, garden tractors, snowblowers, etc. anyways.  It is the way things get done in a small town” Knarr stated. And while he “certainly isn’t trying to take over the town,” Knarr notes the move came just after he finalized the purchase of another local business, Bambi’s Auto Sales, from Bambi Paleshi. 

“Our community needs businesses. People need opportunities. My thought is that I can give my employees some extra opportunities, just like Paleshi gave me when I purchased Alva Cherrey’s Garage back in 2015” explained Knarr, who expects the small engines business to be running by April.