New organizational structure for passive trails, parks in Minto

MINTO – A new organizational structure is being put in place for managing passive trails and parks here.

At a trails committee meeting on March 4, recreation facilities coordinator Greg Mallett explained that, as of April, passive trails and parks will by managed through the town’s public works division, rather than the community service (formerly recreation) department and be overseen by TLC coordinator Paul Judge.

Community services staff will complete any ongoing projects from the 2020 budget year and recreation and facilities assistant Grace Wilson will also stay on the committee as secretary. She will also assist the committee and Judge with any promotion and programing on the trails.

Mallett spoke to the committee regarding the $20,000 2021 capital budget. Over the last three years, he explained, the budget was targeted on a specific town (Harriston, Palmerston or Clifford) each year to try and accommodate any maintenance and signage needs for the trails in that town.

The plan for 2021 is to focus the budget on a project that will benefit all the trails within the Town of Minto.

A number of topics were identified for further discussion at the next meeting, including:

– motorized vehicles on the trails (more signage required or a by-law needed?);

– potential impact of the Harriston flood mitigation plan on the Harriston Greenway Trail;

– installing bird houses from School Road 7 to Clifford;

– meeting with an ornithologist regarding birds on the trails;

– ensuring all signs on the Greenway Trail are placed in the appropriate spot;

– Memorial tree planting in Clifford and procedures to request the planting of a memorial tree; and

– tree planting in Clifford near the edge of the ball diamond property.

Judge noted during the March 16 Minto council meeting it had been some time since the committee had met so it wasn’t “moving any mountains – just kind of getting the ball rolling again.”

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