New online equine Genetics course ready

Equine Guelph, in partnership with the Office of Open Learning, is offering a new online course in equine genetics.

The 12-week course will pro­vide the tools, techniques, and knowledge necessary to develop a broad understanding of the important role that gene­tics plays in the equine in­dus­try.

Instructor Alicia Skelding is a University of Guelph gradu­ate with a BSc Agr in animal science and plans to soon com­plete a MSc in animal breeding and genetics and toxicology. She has been riding hunter and jumpers since she was 7, and spends her spare time school­ing younger horses.

“This online course will not only appeal to industry breed­ers but people interested in the genetics behind performance, health, and breed variability” Skelding. “This course will pro­vide students with the know­ledge base to understand and apply these concepts with­in the industry.”

Equine Genetics is one of the elective courses in the equine science certificate conti­nuing education program and required course in the diploma in equine studies offered by the University of Guelph. The course runs from Jan. 12 to April 5. For more details visit www.Equine­, or e­mail