Museum celebrates work of Guelph artist Evan Macdonald

The Mac­don­ald Stewart Art Centre presents Evan Macdonald: A Painter’s Life from May 14 to July 20

The retrospective exhi­bi­tion, Views of Guelph and Wellington County, includes over 100 landscapes, portraits, and water colours painted by Guelph-born artist.

Born in 1905 to one of Guelph’s founding Scottish fami­lies, Macdonald came of age in the early 20th century. He was a young contemporary of the Group of Seven and pur­sued his practice in Canada dur­ing the depression.

He join­ed the Second World War as an artist and soldier, and after the war, became a professional por­trait artist.

In the 1950s and 1960s, he documented the destruction of Guelph’s historical buildings. A master draughtsman, print-maker, book illustrator, and painter, Macdonald is renown­ed for his depictions of historic Guelph and Wellington County.

He took pride in documenting his community with subjects that included Saturday morning shoppers at the Guelph Farm­er’s Market, patrons reading at the Guelph Public Library, and the many city streets and bridges, landscapes and water­ways.

Macdonald’s work cele­brates industry and advocates for the preservation of history and culture.

In 1970, he received an honorary degree from the Uni­versity of Guelph to acknow­ledge his artistic accomplish­ments and contributions to the community.

To support the exhibition, the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre is launching an illus­trat­ed book with an essay by Mac­donald’s daughter, Flora Spen­cer.