Mount Forest Business Improvement Association to get $30,000 for 2010

Mount Forest’s BIA is asking that the municipality raise roughly $30,000 from the BIA?membership to cover costs for 2010.

That is the same amount as the past several years.

Included in that is the annual payment of the BIA on its commitment to the major street reconstruction of three commercial blocks of Mount Forest’s downtown.

The BIA commitment was not for the basic work, but up­grades as requested on its behalf.

This year’s BIA budget noted a surplus that is intended to pay down that commitment to the township, if the funds are not needed elsewhere.

Council later confirmed the BIA’s intent to have the following people sit on the board of directors for 2010: Bill Nelson, Jenny Whetham, Ron Forrest, Murray Townsend, and Dan Yake as council’s representative.

Yake said the executive of the BIA does a tremendous job.

“They truly care about what the downtown looks like in Mount Forest and they’ve worked extremely hard over the past couple of years to get the main street looking the way it does.”

He said, “They deserve a lot of credit and they are a really dedicated group of people who should be thanked.”