Motion calls for traffic calming measures

Resolutions also pending on bypass, voting

MAPLETON – Township council will consider a motion directing staff to review options for traffic calming measures in the vicinity of River Run Road and Andrews Drive West in Drayton.

A notice of motion presented by councillor Paul Douglas during the June 30 council meeting calls for staff to bring a report back to council at a future meeting “to discuss merit and options of traffic calming in this area.”

Council also received two other notices of motion at the June 30 meeting.

Councillor Michael Martin presented notice of a motion for council to consider alternative forms of voting for the 2022 municipal election.

Mapleton Township currently uses a vote-by-mail system and employs electronic tabulators. Clerk Larry Wheeler noted the system is in place until council decides otherwise.

“And to decide otherwise we would have to do so by May 1, 2022,” Wheeler noted.

A third notice of motion was presented by councillor Dennis Craven.

Craven’s motion will call for the township to formally object to an alternative truck route directing traffic from Highway 6 around Fergus by way of Wellington Road 7 and 17.

“I’ve been contacted by a few in Alma, and I know there’s an awful lot of opposition to the Highway 6 bypass through there,” said Craven.

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