‘Momondays’ provide fun and inspiration

GUELPH – Monthly “Momonday” events bring people together to share stories, inspire each other and have a good time.

Started seven years ago by Toronto resident Michel Neray, momondays (the “mo” stands for motivational) now take place in 13 cities across Canada.

Each city holds an event one Monday a month, and brings in brings in five or six speakers to talk for about 10 minutes, about their personal story. There is also a brief intermission, where there is an entertainer performing.

Co-hosts of momondays Guelph are local publisher Lisa Browning, from One Thousand Trees, and Rob Osburn, executive producer at BNR Media.

After a five-month hiatus, momondays returned to Guelph in January 2019.

“We have very similar ideas and opinions about how we’d like to see the show evolve, with connection and empowerment through storytelling being the main focus,” Browning says. “It is about the people, and their stories, and how those stories can help other people.”

The first four shows took place at Manhattans Music Club, and moved to Guelph’s Albion Hotel in May.

Momondays Guelph takes place from 7 to 9pm on the last Monday of each month.

For more information visit www.momondays.com/guelph.