Minto council set to return to in-person meetings

MINTO – Council here will return to meeting in-person for its next regular session on June 21.

Mayor George Bridge noted the change during the June 7 meeting, held via video conference.

Council has largely met remotely since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020.

A few in-person meetings were held during periods of eased restrictions, but new waves of infection caused council to return to the online format.

The Town of Minto administration office has been fully open to the public since Feb. 22, and vaccination passports have not been required for entry since March 1.

However, council meetings have continued remotely due to ongoing renovations to the council chambers.

Although the renovations have included upgraded audio-visual equipment, Bridge said further testing needs to be conducted before hybrid (online/in-person) meetings can be held.

“We’re going to be live next one. They won’t be hybrid yet, but they will be live,” the mayor stated.

“The council chamber is all finished up. Looks really nice,” said deputy mayor Dave Turton.

“I am looking forward to showing off the council chambers to everybody. It’s certainly looking really good,” said clerk Annilene McRobb.