Minto community revitalization efforts featured on podcast

MINTO – Members of the town’s economic development team were recently featured on a podcast about community revitalization.


Minto economic development manager Belinda Wick-Graham and marketing and community development coordinator Taylor Keunen discussed community revitalization movements taking place in Harriston, Palmerston and Clifford with host Doug Griffiths on the Community Revival podcast.

“In a world where everything is Instagramable, it pays dividends to put beautification at the forefront of your community’s economic development plans,” states Griffiths, author of 13 Ways to Kill Your Community.

“Unfortunately, many communities across North America have yet to successfully adopt this strategy.”


Griffiths added, “That’s why we have turned to Belinda and Taylor … to learn the key takeaways and tips beneath their remarkable success in turning their town into an Instagramable destination.”

He noted efforts by groups like Harriston Rising, All Aboard Palmerston and Clifford Connects result in “substantial return on investment for the community.”

Local efforts to make the community “Instagramable” include murals on downtown buildings, colourful outdoor furniture and localized public art projects in the town’s three urban centres.

“It was quite an honour to be asked to speak on the podcast and to be able to promote our great communities and all the great people here,” said Wick-Graham.

A link to the podcast can be found on the 13 Ways Inc. or Town of Minto Facebook pages.

Murals and other public art projects are helping to make Minto an ‘Instagramable’ destination.