Memories of North Wellington – 03/18/20

55 years ago,

Palmerston Observer, 1965

Wedding vows were exchanged at St. Joseph’s Church in Kitchener on Feb. 27 by Sharon Schmidt and Clifford Morley Walker. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schmidt of Kenilworth, and the groom’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Norman Walker of Palmerston.

About 40 citizens turned out for the zoning meeting in the library hall on March 11. Among them was a Minto Township-Harriston delegation, being Mr. Don Mcphail, Roy Murphy and Harry Reynolds. The meeting was arranged by the town and planner Mr. Gordon Culham was the speaker. With a large map of the town set up on an easel and all proposed zones indicted by varying degrees of shading, Mr. Culham explained why zoning was essential to a town. He had divisions set out for commercial properties, for industry segregated into two types, for residential areas and for open public lands. The latter, he explained were existing parks, agricultural grounds, school campuses, and areas that were so low lying and so subject to flooding that they were valueless for buildings of any type in their present condition.

71 years ago,

Drayton Advocate, 1949

While driving around the town hall corner on to Main Street from a side-street on March 9, Mr. A. E. Andrews of Drayton, collided with the car of Mr. Bob Norris of Goldstone. The roads were slushy and the main street was heavily rutted. Mr. Andrews was unable to stop in time and Mr. Norris couldn’t get his light Ford coupe out of the ruts. The Andrews car, a Chevrolet coach, had the left front fender bashed in, with headlights and left part of radiator grille shored in. The Norris coupe had the bumper knocked off. Constable J. Walker of Drayton, investigated.

In spite of the blizzard, almost a full house turned out to enjoy the Drayton High School Literary Society Operetta Green Cheese and the one act play Thursdays at Home. The program was hailed, as one of the best put on by the school in recent years. In the Operetta, Ralph Gray as Jimmy, Aileen Miller as Trini, Margaret Cushing as Frieda, starred in the heaviest parts. Principal A. H. Stevens acted as chairman, music director Jack Mcfarlane directed, and Miss Dorothy Haviland of the high school staff was pianist. The play was directed by Harold E. Petch of the high school staff.

Mr. and Mrs. Coulter and son Glen of Drayton, had a narrow escape from asphyxiation by coal gas early on March 10. Fortunately they were able to get a window open in time. The gas escaped from a stove. Glen was unable to attend school the next day, but is now fully recovered.

95 years ago,

Mount Forest  Confederate and Representative, 1925

Nearby towns are now advocating to stay open Wednesday nights during the season of the half holiday. The commencement of the holiday season is May and will continue until the end of September. This was done by Flesherton last year while most towns held Wednesday as their day of rest. Everyone was in praise of the past summer when the half holidays were introduced and are looking forward to them continuing this summer season.

Dr. Boyd, veterinary surgeon, formerly of Paisley, met death in a peculiar manner near Harrow, Ontario.  Going onto the country in his car which became stalled in the mud, he set out across fields. It was in the evening when Boyd did not return home, search parties turned out, but the body was not recovered until 3pm the next day. It is believed that he lay down, fell asleep and froze to death.

Community News Staff