Mayor urges councillors to provide input on county master transportation plan

WELLINGTON NORTH – Mayor Andy Lennox urged township council members to provide input during the county’s master transportation planning process.

With funding allocated to the plan in the 2020 budget, the county is undertaking a study to assist with future planning for the county’s transportation network, including actions to address current road needs.

Lennox explained the county is conducting “a very large scale study looking at current and future needs of the roads system.”

The mayor said the study will look at “balancing needs road users have, to make sure we facilitate both passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle travel  … at the same time we have to balance that with safety particularly though our urban areas.”

Lennox said the study will take into account needs of users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

“Part of a big discussion will be around where is it appropriate to restrict traffic flow to facilitate those other road users, and when it is appropriate to ensure that our first priority is facilitating traffic flow,” he said.

Lennox encouraged council members to participate in upcoming public consultations.

“I think it’s a really worthwhile exercise,” he stated.