Mayor James Seeley no longer a Guelph firefighter; CAO on leave

PUSLINCH – Mayor James Seeley is no longer employed as a City of Guelph firefighter.

The two-term mayor of Puslinch confirmed the news in an email July 25 but would not say more.

“It’s a personal and private situation I am not willing to discuss,” he stated.

Seeley also confirmed that clerk Courtenay Hoytfox has been named acting CAO of Puslinch Township.

CAO Glenn Schwendinger, who joined the township in 2019, “is also dealing with a personal and private situation that we are not at liberty to discuss,” Seeley said.

Schwendinger has not been present at the last two or three council meetings.

Seeley was first elected as Puslinch mayor in 2018, ousting two-term Mayor Dennis Lever. Seeley was acclaimed in 2022.

On Wellington County council he chairs the planning and land division committee. He is also chair of TAPMO (the Top Aggregate Producing Municipalities of Ontario).

“I am continuing as mayor and all other roles and responsibilities,” he stated in his email.