Mapleton undertakes market compensation review

MAPLETON – Council here has approved a list of upper- and lower-tier municipalities it will use to conduct a comparison of Mapleton’s compensation packages.

Under its human resources policy, the municipality must approve comparators to be used in compensation reviews, which take place every four years and cost $4,500.

A July 9 report from township human resources advisor Steve Ilott recommended a list of 17 upper- and lower- tier municipalities to be contacted “in order to ensure we get a broad range of information to ensure the best data is gathered.”

The list included the other six lower tier-municipalities in Wellington and the county itself, as well as:

– City of Waterloo;

– City of Kitchener;

– Township of Wellesley;

– Township of Woolwich;

– Town of Mono;

– Township of Southgate;

– Municipality of West Grey;

– Municipality of North Perth;

– Township of Perth East; and

– Township of West Perth.

Councillor Michael Martin asked whether council should consider only using lower-tier municipalities for the review.

“I was just thinking maybe we could limit this to lower-tier municipalities as opposed to upper tier; maybe just remove Wellington County and Region of Waterloo altogether,” said Martin.

Mayor Gregg Davidson reminded council that in many cases staff will take jobs in those cities and therefore they would be useful for the review.

“We had this conversation when Mr. Ilott was here and it’s in regards to staff going to those locations, moving over to better opportunities and the region and the county being two of those locations,” he said.

Davidson added, “Now Mr. Ilott has the comparisons.

“We understand that the county and the region will probably have higher numbers, but we just want to have that to compare to lower numbers, not necessarily be used in the actual compensation review.”