Mapleton Township issues statement in response to water system concerns

Township assures residents water from municipal systems safe to drink

MAPLETON – The township has issued a statement in response to citizen concerns following a report on the condition of some of the equipment and facilities that make up the municipal water system.

“Recently our municipality was the focus of social media attention after a recent council report to address the deficiencies in the municipal water system,” states a press release issued by Mapleton CAO Manny Baron on March 29.

“We appreciate that hearing this kind of news can be upsetting and cause concern for the safety of your families. We want to make it very clear, that the health and safety of our residents is of the highest priority for us, and we want to assure you that our drinking water is completely safe and that your families are protected,” the statement continues.

At the beginning of the 2018 term, council gave staff direction to improve and expand our water and wastewater facilities to accommodate future growth within our township.

The release says staff  have been “working diligently to ensure we gather all the necessary information needed for council to make an educated decision as it relates to ensuring we get the best return on our investment.”

As part of this work, the Township of Mapleton initiated a Condition Assessment study of the water system assets and a Master Water Servicing study to address the existing deficiencies in the municipal water systems and to accommodate future growth within its urban boundaries.

The report outlined several deficiencies ranging from seals on doors to corrosion on several of the valves and fittings.

“We understand this report has caused our residents to question the safety of the plant and the quality of the water, we want to assure you that your water is 100% safe to consume and poses no threat to human health. In fact, we have received 100% ratings from the MECP inspections.”

The township has invited Ontario Clean Water Agency, operators of the system, to discuss the findings at the next council meeting.

“We want to ensure there is an opportunity to discuss the results and ensure we have a complete understanding of the next steps in the expansion of our water plant,” the release states. “Moving forward, we will continue to work on our treatment system, and we will keep you informed about our water quality and our efforts to bring you the most protectively treated drinking water into our homes, schools, and businesses,” state township officials.

Baron stated, “We want to thank everyone who provided feedback and shared their views and suggestions regarding the water reservoir, clearly it shows our residents take great pride in their community.” He invited citizens to contact him directly at 519-638-3313 extension  024 with questions or comments.

Community News Staff