Mapleton passes multi-year budget with a 4.2% tax increase in 2020

MAPLETON – Council here passed its first multi-year budget on Dec. 10 with an 8.91 per cent tax levy increase and a 4.18% rate increase on 2020 tax bills.

Total operating expenditures for 2020 are outlined in the budget at a cost of $13,624,552 – an increase from $12,555,728 in 2019.

There are seven roads and sidewalk reconstruction projects earmarked for 2020 in the capital budget.

The largest project is the reconstruction of Sideroad 17 near Drayton, from Wellington Road 86 to Wellington Road 45, for $600,000. Concession 6 from Wellington Road 10 to Sideroad 6 in Moorefield is the second largest at $485,000.

Water and Wastewater plan B is scheduled to cost $2,155,500 for 2020 if the RFP process is ultimately unsuccessful.

Council and staff have also budgeted for a couple of charitable projects, including  Future 50/50 for $20,000 and  Alma swings  at $10,000.

Other major capital projects planned for next year  include a renovation at the PMD Arena that will cover  toilets budgeted for $50,000, a dehumidifier for $30,000, and a renovation design and plan for $25,000.

The township office, and Moorefield fire station will also be receiving updates in 2020. New carpet, blinds and flooring are scheduled for the  township office for $25,000 as well as new computers, tablets and servers for $5,000.

The township administration centre will be upgraded to LED lighting at a cost totalling $75,000.

The Moorefield fire station will be receiving  new flooring at the cost of $10,000 as well as interior updates totalling $5,000,  and software for $16,600.

Another major increase in 2020 from 2019 is the revenue the township is expected to make from dog control fees and licensing.

Adopting new policies around dog control and licensing has more than doubled the township’s expected revenue. In 2019 the township made $12,000 on dog licensing fees and $500 on dog control fines.

In 2020, the township anticipates making $27,000 on licensing fees and $2,000 on dog control fines.

As it stands the tax levy increases laid out in the budget for 2021, 2022 and 2023 are 2.72%, 2.31% and 1.9% respectively.

Council passed the budget unanimously without further discussion.