Mapleton finance director leaving township

MAPLETON – The council meeting on April 30 was the last for Mapleton finance director John Morrison. 

He’s been in the position for six years, and is leaving for Gananoque, a town on the northeast shore of Lake Ontario. 

“John, you’ve been the finance director since I’ve been mayor,” said Gregg Davidson. 

“You’ve done a fantastic job of directing this council and giving us information and directing the community to the financial stability that we currently enjoy. I really appreciate the work you put into helping us get to that point.” 

Councilor Michael Martin said “in my time in council we’ve had a few different folks in that particular office, and I’ve really enjoyed your time here with us, the experience you brought, from not just the municipal sector but the private sector.” 

Martin said he appreciates Morrison’s approach and caution with spending, and how he communicated to council with class and patience.  

Morrison said he “really enjoyed” working in Mapleton. “It’s been a very fun experience to wake up in the morning and come in here and deal with all the issues you’ve been dealing with.  

“I find the councilors … very progressive in their outlook. I’ve seen councils where sometimes this is lacking, but here it was really good to work with and I’m clearly going to miss it. 

“But I do need to move a little closer to Ottawa and I appreciate all the confidence that you’ve given me over the last few years.” 

“I’ve really appreciated the stability and the presence that you brought through the finance department, and wish your family all the best out east,” Martin said.   

Davidson said Mapleton’s loss is Gananoque’s gain, and told Morrison to “enjoy your future closer to your grandchildren.” 

The township has posted the finance director job on its website and on LinkedIn.