Mapleton council approves agreement to stream events from PMD arena

Streaming subscription service will be offered through LiveBarn

MAPLETON – Local winter sports enthusiasts will soon be able to watch hockey, figure skating and other activities at the PMD arena through an online streaming service.

At the March 19 meeting, township council approved an agreement with LiveBarn to stream events from the facility.

“Equipping the PMD arena with LiveBarn comes with many benefits for subscribers,” states a report from recreation manager Amy Grose.

“They will have the opportunity to not only view on the go, watch live or on demand, but also tag live games and receive player analytics. Parents will also have the opportunity to receive integrated player analysis.

“Mapleton would have the opportunity to stream hockey, figure skating and any sporting or special event that takes place on the arena floor.”

The report notes there is no cost to the municipality, as LiveBarn brings in its own dedicated internet and equipment and offers subscription services to those interested.

LiveBarn also shares 20% of the subscription revenue with venue owners.

The company, which has 4,000 locations across North America and agreements with numerous municipalities, is a leader “in live streaming and on-demand broadcasting for both youth and amateur sports,” the report states.

“People are able to purchase a subscription in the same way you would with any other … platform,” Grose told council.

“They bring all of the equipment required … So there really is no risk to Mapleton to bring this service forward.”

Grose said subscription packages for families will cost between $20 and $35, depending on the level of service selected.

In addition to watching games and events from the PMD arena, Grose said subscribers will be able to follow local athletes when playing or performing at other LiveBarn streaming locations.

“There are facilities within our catchment area that kids play at that would have the ability to do this,” she noted.

Councillor Amanda Reid asked if local minor hockey or figure skating organizations would need to have “any kind of stipulation in their agreements with the parents that they’re going to be recorded during an event?”

“They don’t. We actually already do stream things from our arena. You do have the ability and we have … signs that are posted, saying that that is happening. Live barn will also provide us with more signs,” replied Grose.

She pointed out township staff will be able to block the streaming if desired.

“So if it’s a private rental, staff can just go in and block out that streaming time. Or if it’s a public skate and we don’t necessarily need to stream a public skate, we would have the ability to just obviously not stream during that time,” Grose explained.

Mayor Gregg Davidson asked what the township would do with its current camera system.

“This would definitely be an upgrade to that system. It would be more user-friendly. It would be something that we can set up to run automatically,” said Grose.

“Our current system requires somebody to go in and login … so if minor hockey is using it, they need to man it.”