Mapleton 4-H Heritage Club visits Wellington County Museum

MAPLETON – The Mapleton 4-H Heritage Club held its fourth meeting on May 30.  

President Kate opened the meeting with the 4-H pledge.

Members learned how to create a family tree and filled in the branches with their family names.  

The group made German hot potato salad and beef chop suey. 

At the end of the meeting, everyone tasted the cooking.

Members continued working on braided pot holders.  

  The president closed the meeting with the 4-H motto. 

– Press Reporter Jack Wassink

Museum trip

On June 14 the Heritage Club went to the Wellington County Museum and toured the display on Aboriginals and early settlers. 

Members learned how they would have lived their lives. 

Members combed washed wool and got to feel real animal pelts. Then the group got to make a lavender sachet and learned that if you eat wild strawberries, including the stem, it will help with stomach aches. 

The group also got to see a cabin and learn about the different chores everyone in the family would have had to do.

The aboriginal settlement was very interesting as well, seeing how they hunted and skinned animals. 

The club was happy to take in the museum and play in the new park on site.

– Press Reporter Sadie Mitchell