Love thy neighbour

Within the pages of the Advertiser this week is a colouring page – open to all ages.

Is it hokey? Perhaps, but I would like to see that page in the front window of homes around the county. This is a time to care for others and help out where possible.

That sentiment of compassion showed up in a couple of letters to the editor this week. It isn’t a time to lay blame or get upset – there is a need for calm and decency between people.

In last week’s edition we ran three photos of reactions in Elora to COVID-19. Two were positive points of reference and the other was controversial – “Thanks China,” the sign read. Letter writers this week felt it was inappropriate to give voice to this statement.

It is very true that we could have chosen to not run that photo. It is also true that we could avoid covering the galling acts of hoarding that have taken place at stores around the county.

We could also avoid the unpleasantness of shoppers to store cashiers insisting on limited quantities or the even the repugnant activities of those who scam people during this crisis.

To do so, would not be doing our jobs as journalists. As this crisis continues, we will chronicle activities and provide information to our readers. We will do our job as long as presses run and staff can make it happen.

One day, this horrible chapter in Wellington County history within the context of the world will be examined and the source of columns for historians.

While we cannot predict the extent of the economic catastrophe that looms large for businesses and families in this area, we are certain the examples of empathy and kindness to neighbours will far outweigh misspoken words and poorly chosen deeds.

We are all neighbours in Wellington County.