Local Junior Farmers host Pumpkin Pajamarama event

DRAYTON – The Wellington County Junior Farmers hosted their 2022 Pumpkin Pajamarama in the park across from Drayton’s fairgrounds on Oct. 29.

Since 2008, the annual event has allowed not only its members, but future members, to have fun carving pumpkins for Halloween. Even during the pandemic, the event was still held virtually.

Although participants usually arrive in their pajamas, the beautiful sunny weather allowed them to hold the event outdoors, so everyone was dressed to suit the day.  

Never too young – Future Junior Farmer Elisabeth Dane, left, was introduced to pumpkin carving on Oct. 29 when the Wellington Junior Farmers hosted “Pumpkin Pajamarama” at the Drayton Fairgrounds. From left: Junior Farmers Erin Douglas, Jackie Shaw, and Laura Shaw enjoyed putting on the event for the community.

Wellington County Junior Farmers president Laura Shaw said the organization, for youths aged 15 to 29, aims to build future leaders to help serve rural communities.  

For more information on junior farmers visit info@jfao.on.ca.