Local author attains top sales status on Amazon with interactive book

GRAND VALLEY –  Prominence Publishing’s recent release, Restore Your Life: Powerful Strategies To Navigate Menopause was named a #1 Best Seller on Amazon on Nov. 15,  in multiple categories, including #1 new release.


In the book, Grand Valley author Kelly Nolan shares her scientific knowledge with a step-by-step guide, tools, resources, and real stories from her own clients’ experience. 

This interactive book sets the foundation of knowledge that marries personal journeys with science to educate and guide women’s transition through menopause, a press release states.

Kelly Nolan is a pharmacist, integrative practitioner, and owner of Avita Integrative Health. 

For over 30 years she has mentored women’s passage through peri-menopause and menopause by sharing her expertise, and teaching women to put their self-care at the forefront. 

Transitioning to integrative medicine with the foundation of a pharmacist and scientist, she has been able to educate her clients on the value of blending herbs with traditional medicine and supporting all aspects of their health in combination with a healthy lifestyle and stress management.  She has become a leader in her field, an expert in the healing arts of women’s health, a press release states.

Restore Your Life: Powerful Life Strategies To Navigate Menopause is available on Amazon. Go to amazon.ca/dp/B0BLGV87BV for more information.