Livestock impound rates increase in Wellington North

KENILWORTH – Farmers with livestock on the loose in Wellington North will have to fork out more cash to have their animals brought back home.

The township has agreed to increased rates from David Carson Farm and Auction Services, which has provided livestock collection services to the township since 2016.

The annual retainer the township pays has doubled from $500 to $1,000, and the per-kilometre rate has increased by 30 cents, from $1.20 to $1.50 per kilometre.

A per-day holding fee remains at $20, and the hourly labour rate is $100.

During a Feb. 6 council meeting, township clerk Karren Wallace said Carson’s is called out when livestock is loose in the township.

“This is when they’re on the road, or trespassing on neighbours’ properties,” Wallace said, adding the township exercises flexibility.

“That’s not now and again when your cow gets out in the middle of summer, [this is] for repeated violations of numerous livestock.”

The township has used the service once in the past seven years.

Carsons bills the township labour, holding and travel costs to collect and hold animals at its large facility in Listowel.

If a livestock owner wants their animals back on the farm, all those costs must be paid.