Life Outdoors Show coming to Clifford arena May 4-5

CLIFFORD – The inaugural Life Outdoors Show is coming to the Clifford arena on May 4 and 5.

The event has over 50 vendors signed up to show off fishing and hunting gear, demos, camping equipment, homesteading tools, cottage life decor and more.

The idea for the event started when a group of local businesses met at Sarah McGoldrick’s place to discuss how they “could do more to bring people to the community from a tourism standpoint, or engage the locals more so they support the businesses in the area,” she said.

McGoldrick reached out to Belinda Wick-Graham, director of economic and community development with the Town of Minto.

Wick-Graham stated in an email to the Community News that “on average per household, Clifford’s trade area spends more than the provincial average on outdoor recreation such as recreational vehicles.

“Clifford has a large trade area, and there are numerous campgrounds and areas for outdoor recreation within close proximity – so the idea for an Outdoor Recreation Show made a lot of sense.”

McGoldrick added “all of Wellington County, if you look at it from a broader perspective, is very much outdoor-focused in a lot of the things that we offer for visitors and locals.”

Some organizations attending the outdoors show include the Bruce Trail Conservancy and the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority.

McGoldrick said the groups will show there “are parks right in our own backyard that don’t require a lot of geography to get to there. And a lot of people [who are] new to the area may not even know that these are available.”

Guest speakers are also invited to talk to attendees about individual passions.

McGoldrick said there will be an expert in beekeeping coming  and someone known as the “Worm Wrangler,” whose topic is teaching people the “right way” to compost with worms.

She added the event “doesn’t have to be [just about] recreational outdoors. It can also be a bit of your own backyard too,” and “how you can just enjoy the outdoor space around you.”

Food trucks will be there and the Clifford Rotary Club is offering a barbecue.

“We wanted to make this an event too, where it would make a difference,” said McGoldrick.

Admission is by donation and proceeds go to the Rotary Club, which will use the funds for “community betterment.”

“This area is beautiful. It’s there for [the community] to enjoy, and hopefully this event will help them see some new people and companies and groups who can help,” said McGoldrick.