Who is Poilievre?

Dear Editor:

Who is the real Pierre Poilievre?

Is he the filtered-lens vision of a family man who will bravely go in search of “it” and bring it safely “home”?

Or is he the attack-dog parliamentarian who twists real facts into  excuses for blaming the Canadian government for a plethora of dire  events, including terrorism?

Oh, and is he the scary guy who “chewed up and spit out” a journalist who asked him if he would take responsibility for calling a car crash near the U.S. border “terrorism” without fact-checking?  (Turns out he took no responsibility, but blamed the news media for their integrity).

I keep trying to visualize this man as prime minister. But I seem to have mislaid my rose-coloured glasses.

Arlene Callaghan,