Water ‘solution’

Dear Editor:

“Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink!” This was an old poem in our  school reader in the 1920s.

How could they  have known of our “water crisis?” When did we become so parched?

Who remembers when we  didn’t need  a bottle of water in the seat pocket of the car? When did it become fashionable to  visibly, carry a bottle of water?

Why does every politician  on TV  seem to need a bottle of water on the podium? So much water wasted needlessly! And yet we read of our water levels declining  in lakes and wells.

My solution is that we only drink when we are thirsty. Also, a trip to the water tap could quench our thirst, as well as create exercise. Speakers should ask for a glass of water and not a whole bottle! Also, there would be  no plastic bottles in the garbage disposal.

Perhaps my humble solution may save our water.

Sytske Drijber,