Truth will prevail

Dear Editor:

RE: Free pass for PM? (Feb. 4).

There is an old saying “Those who live glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Probably because they will have stones thrown back at them.

We, in Canada, need to look at our own house rather than throw stones at our neighbour. Delsie Drover has highlighted some of the flaws and lack of accountability taking place within our own house. Our parliamentary actions need scrutinizing just as much, if not more, than our neighbors to the south.

But, remember that truth is truth and one must always seek the truth.

In politics, as in other areas of life, there can be opposing opinions and allegations, but, through prayer the truth will eventually prevail and be known.

Many facts have come to light regarding the workings of our government. I pray that Canadians will themselves wake up and desire truth and honesty to prevail in governments.

Pat Woode,