Traffic ‘travesty’

Dear Editor:

The public budget meeting for Mapleton on Nov. 6 was certainly informative. It also allowed me an opportunity to discuss the nightmare traffic problems in Alma with councillors Michael Martin and Marlene Ottens.

I gave Martin a letter from Don Kudo, county engineer, addressed to me stating he is examining all avenues (pun intended) and I told him of MPP Matthew Rae’s letter to me that he will forward concerns to the appropriate planners.

Martin will examine the desperate, ill-conceived truck route and Ottens suggested that I come up with a solution. I am the Senior Citizen of the Year, not the senior planner of the year.

The crucible of publicly confused representatives is their lack of action to resolve this travesty.

The Christmas season’s focus is on a child. Is it the responsibility of this child, at the intersection of Elora Road and Wellington Road 17, to ask for your help? Planning and praying isn’t working.

Jacobus de Bock,