‘Time will tell’

Dear Editor:

RE: Myth, nonsense (Aug. 31) and “Tunnel vision” (Aug. 31).

Richard Giles and Ron Moore need to learn that “science” is not a consensus. It is based on facts. There are plenty of scientists who do not believe the crisis climate change scenario.

I am accused of “tunnel vision.” I can retort that crisis climate change believers have climate computer model illness. All dire predictions are based on flawed computer models because scientists can’t actually run whole Earth experiments. Climate computer models all run too hot and do not reproduce actual data.

The climate is complicated. For example, how do we know if the extra heat in some areas was due to human produced CO2, El Nino  or the huge increase in water vapour produced by the Hunga Tonga volcano blowing up last year?

The U.S. and Ontario had a cool summer. The weather varies from year to year all over the Earth. And the Earth has been warming for a long time. 

Climate effect statistics need to be total world, not just Canadian. The cold really does kill more people. The 600 people who died in B.C. because of a heat dome is an indicator that we need to adapt better to Earth’s natural warming; in other words we should look after our old people better and make sure they have air conditioning. And those dying of cold need a warm home.

There is no space to address all the issues Giles and Moore make. Time will tell whose myth and nonsense is right.

Jane Vandervliet,