‘Smoke and mirrors’

Dear Editor:

Premier Ford sent a full box of glossy “healthcare” propaganda books around to constituency offices. He is scheming to sell  privatization! How much money did this 50-plus page campaign magazine cost taxpayers?

The public record shows when nurses and health professionals faced duress at work, and record inflation, the Ford government suppressed  wages! The courts deemed it unconstitutional. But did it stop him? How much more anti-nurse and antisocial propaganda will we see?

Doug Ford has purposely starved our health care system of millions of dollars, leaving Ontario nurses in unsafe and even dangerous working conditions. They deserve better staffing and better wages which will help them to deliver better care and to have a life. 

This will absolutely affect you at some point in your future. Nurses are getting scarce and you would have noticed if you have been to a health care provider in the past few years.

The premier claims he “loves nurses.” If this were true, he wouldn’t be taking them to court over unconstitutional Bill 124, and then suppressing their wages.

When you love and value workers, you treat them with respect and dignity.

Don’t be fooled by the glossy presentation. It’s all smoke and mirrors. You will pay for it, too.

Gerry Walsh,