Rights eroded?

Dear Editor:

Our rights are slowly but surely being eroded using the excuse of COVID-19.

Case in point: my husband and I dropped into a pub in Waterdown to have a brew on the patio. The teenager at the door asked for our contact information. We said “no.” She advised that it is for our own health and safety and to inform us if there’s a COVID case reported. We said we do not need or want that information. We were shown to our table and provided menus and cutlery.

Shortly after that a man came to our table and told us we would not be served unless we gave him our personal information.

Again we said “no.” He said “no info, no service.” We advised him that you cannot demand private information as a prerequisite for service, therefore you are discriminating and breaking the law.

He said, “I don’t care,” and we were tossed out.

This from a business that depends on our patronage for its very survival? The manager did not care about the rule of law or our rights. I wonder what he would have done with our personal information if we had provided it!

Doreen Henschel,