Recognizing publisher

Dear Editor:

I was waiting for a flood of letters of appreciation after William (Bill) Adsett’s  death and then was shocked to not see any – so I must not let any more time pass by without  expressing my sincerest appreciation for the many things Mr. Adsett did for Wellington County residents.

When a newcomer needed to know about the whole area he was about to enter, the Advertiser was a truly priceless asset! A reader discovered the local events from the schools, the farmers’ clubs, the local  government and the nearby ones as well.

The Advertiser introduced everyone to the new neighbourhood. It was an invaluable tool which soon became a trusted friend.

Last month, I read that Adsett  began his work by stuffing each country mail box with a copy of the Advertiser. As soon as readers realized what a treasure this weekly visitor was they reached into their new community and became  active partners too.

Because I experienced this happy experience myself when we moved to Eramosa, where we lived in a farm area that was strange to us, the Advertiser was always  watched for every week so that we could find out what was new.

Later we moved to Rockwood and I was interested to see that a one page sheet was added because I was lonely for some news of the neighbourhood that I had just joined. I asked Mr. Adsett if he’d like some additional information on his little sheet and that I would gladly supply it. At this time I had no idea how I’d fulfil my promise!

Mr. Adsett agreed and the Eramosa News began. My first bit of news was nearby, since my  own wedding anniversary was the very next week. From this time on I hounded every one in local country organizations to tell me “who, what and where” – and I used a very modern word processor.

Later I added photos from a modern camera which “spit” out the immediate photos for me. People began to tell me club news so I knew it was read. Mr. Adsett kept on printing my free edition for Eramosa readers until the 1990s, when the financial crunch hit the world.

Although my paper had now 22 pages of news, readers were so accustomed to free news that they were not willing to pay a subscription, so the paper died.

But without the kindness and support of Mr. Adsett I would have missed out on a very delightful introduction to Eramosa residents!

I hope more people will be encouraged to send in their own stories about this fine Canadian. He was a truly special Wellington “advertiser” and without his work and incentive, this area of Ontario would be poor indeed!

Sytske Drijber,