‘Read up’

Dear Editor:

In regards to letters last week from Jane Vandervliet and Delsie Drover, let me set the record straight, since the “facts” both letters outlined read like Fox News. 

Truckers could not enter the U.S. unless they had been vaccinated. I had a medical postponed due to the critical beds being taken by anti-vaxxers, and when I went people were shouting at doctors and nurses.

Here is a clue: the rest of us have our right to freedom.

Interesting how many MAGA hats and nasty “F” signs I witnessed at the convoy protests in Ottawa. As an ex-military man, flags are not meant to be worn as a coat or headdress. Flags are meant to be flown on staffs or flag poles.

I lived in Ottawa; three weeks was more than enough time for the rabble to be moved on. Seems to them and the letter writers that “freedom is a one-way street.” 

But with freedom goes responsibility and I witnessed none of that. Maybe you would enjoy trucks blowing their air horn 24/7 outside of your house. 

By the way, the RCMP moved in on a group of “terrorists” in Coutts, Alberta. Check and read up.

Jim Trautman,
Simi Valley, California